Video - Supra MK3 @AM1 - "Gymkhana" @DriftDay 13-5-2012 ...+LSD FAIL :-p

Videos Peugeot 90-X Supra MK3 @AM1 - "Gymkhana" @DriftDay 13-5-2012 ...+LSD FAIL :-p

Supra MK3 @AM1 - "Gymkhana" @DriftDay 13-5-2012 ...+LSD FAIL :-p

That little drift at the start of lap 2 cost me a lot of time, I still have a lot to learn and improve on, and the car still has a ways to go as well. Already a ton of fun to drive though :-D ! ...LSD fail at the end, it's in desperate need of maintenance :-p ...Specs below: AutoX @Autodromo Mobil1, Santo Domingo, May 13 2012. Supra MK3 Coupe NA manual, 7MGE-stock, Tein Coilovers, Energy Bushings, Rear strut-bar, 225-50-16 Advan A048 Tires on 16x8 +0, all-around. 1st place "Gymkhana" B category, 1st DriftDay 2012. 1er lugar "Gymkhana" Categoria B, 1era Ronda de Drift 2012.

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