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Acceleration. Engine specs: 130hp/6000rpm and 161nm/4750rpm. So it`s stock. Engine give over 90% torque between 2500-6000rpm, what mean that engine give almost 150nm between this reving area and max 161nm is so near. So it`s not high reving engine altought it`s GTI . Big torque area makes easy to drive, you don´t have always rev so much that you can enduring power and torgue area. And wheight is only 875-880kg. And stock 0-100 number is 7,8s. Power/weight ratio is: 6,76 Torque/wheight ratio is: 5,46 And Power/Torque/weight ratio is: 6,76+5,46=12,22:2=6,11 What mean that, if you have car what weight is for example 1300kg, (and very many little car`s weight is like that today) you need 192hp that you have same power/weight ratio. And 238nm that you have same torque/weight ratio. But what if in my 205 1.9 gti have 192hp and 238nm, then it`s would be very very fast:D Maybe then under 6second 0-100. I don`t Know. But it`s nice to think it=) So what we can think, today car`s are too heavy, every year come heavier and heavier car`s and if they want keep same acceleration, they have to take more power again and again and its`s give bad fuel economy. So if car is light, don`t have take so much power from engine, and you have still fast car with wide/big torque area and good fuel economy and engine life is long. When i buy this car, and before when i test it first time, i wait high rpm engine, but no, it not. But now i can enjoy engine like this=) I don`t miss anymore high rpm engine.

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