Video - Peugeot 106- First startup after engine rebuild!

Videos Peugeot 106 Peugeot 106- First startup after engine rebuild!

Peugeot 106- First startup after engine rebuild!

This is a video of my 1995 Peugeot 106, showing its first startup after I rebuilt the engine. See Part 2 to see it running a bit smoother. It was difficult to get it to start initially, because the fuel pump didn't prime the lines very well, and the pressure hadn't built up properly. I ended up having to pour a bit of petrol down the throttle body to get it to start, however it was still running rough initially as you can see. This smoothed out after a minute. Things Done: New Valve Seals New Rings New Liner seals New Headgasket New Timing belt New Alternator belt New Thermostat Had the valves ground Had the head skimmed Plus a few other little bits and pieces, like all new gaskets, and the normal serviceable items. Oh and I'm 17 btw... The Blog about my car, with pictures and descriptions can be found here:

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