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Dirt 2 - Battersea Night - Mitsubishi Evo X

Decided that I would post all the races of the "Campaign" in Dirt 2. I hope you enjoy. Max settings(-Crowd cause they are annoying), 1280x1024, 2x MSAA, 16x AF. Avg. FPS 72-90. All my videos are on Savage Difficulty. AMD 975BE @ 4.2GHz Zotac 9800GT Eco. (650/1500/900) ECS A885GM-A2 v1.1 4GBx2 Mushkin Enhanced Silverline DDR3 1333 Coolermaster Hyper212+ Arctic Silver 5 All tags are automated, I just click till there are no more. What didn't fit is below. Silent "Friday Night" Drift "Late Night" Wrx Lancer Lenny Ford Racing Auto Peugeot Turbo Race Citroen Legacy "Friday (pornographic Actress)" Crash "Subaru Legacy (Automobile Model)" "Legacy: A Collection Of New Folk Music (Musical Album)" "Night Out" "Night Part" Eclipse Hollywood Nite "Silent Night"

Night (Quotation Subject), Battersea (Filming Location), rock music, video game, London, Live, England, Friday, Scenes, Bike, Late, Monday, Rally, Subaru, Late (Tonga), Mitsubishi, Wrx, Lancer



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