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commercial peugeot 207 sw

The peugeot 207 sw is a great car, i would say it's a typical car for a middle class family here in Switzerland or Europe.It's our "european escape" I made this video to show peugeot to american people, because unfortunately, theses cars aren't sell in USA. So do you like it????? Design is great, MPG is very good, the car a 1.6 liters engine but it's a very light car, the performance are very good. 0-60 in 10 second for the 120 HP version and in 7 seconds with the RC (racing car) version, all that with more than 30 MPG, there is too a crossover version coming soon. I made the Taxi version with the computer. It would be a nice and green taxi. NYC city used peugeot taxi years ago, it was the 505 model.

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