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2012 Peugeot 90-X

The Peugeot 908 HDi won first place at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but as is the case in the racing industry these days, last year’s championship car could just as easily be the following year&rsqu...

2011 Peugeot HR1

Next to the EX1 concept, Peugeot will also present at the Paris Auto Show the HR1, a concept that combines in the same vehicle a city runaround, a coupe and a SUV. The HR1 is a hybrid vehicle that fea...

2011 Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4

Peugeot has unveiled the new 3008 HYbrid4, the world’s first diesel "full hybrid" vehicle. The new model’s hybrid powertrain combines a 2.0 liter 163 bhp HDi diesel engine and a 37 bhp ele...

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Fuel consumption

There is a new tab "fuel consumption" on the "Vehicle Detail" page. In addition of the service history evidence, you can now keep the records of refueling, too. The average fuel consumption of your vehicle will be calculated and displaying on your vehicle detail page.

Consumption (whole club): 6.49 l/100 km

We drove together with 65 vehicles in total 525 139 km km and our tanks flowed 34 080 liters of fuel.

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Turbo now and then

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Turbo now and then

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Website improvements

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Navi 308

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Peugeot 307 - automatic gear fault

Hi i am having the same problem myself,,,,,,Did you manage to get it sorted out?

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peugeot body parts

OK thank you for your information, Which country you are representating?

methlal   2011-02-27 (09/2007)

new wheels on 206

osn270210   2011-02-06

Old French Metric

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